Warehouse building with surface of 2,270.65 sqm (basement and three floors) contains:

  1. space for storage and wholesale of drugs, 1,702 sqm
  2. space for administrative activities of the company, 576 sqm
  3. traffic surface around the building 1,291 sqm.
  4. parking space 1,200 sqm.

Customs warehouse 754 sqm
Customs warehouse meets high European standards for storage of drugs. Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity, cold chambers for placement of goods at +2 0C to +8 0C. Products in the warehouse are stored according to the requirements for storing and frequency of sale output.

Warehousing and keeping of stored drugs are performed in accordance with good warehouse practice and adopted procedures. Warehouse complies with standards for storing (cooling, fire-fighting and fire-alarming system, continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity, cold chambers for storing of goods at +2 0C to +8 0C. Products in the storage are placed according to requested conditions for storing and frequency of sale output. Ordered products are exempted according to the method (first in – first out) and delivered to buyers.

Transport of drugs is performed in accordance with requests of good transport practice and adopted written procedures and instructions. Dispatch of drugs is made, mainly, by vehicles of «Medimpex», according to schedule made in advance for designated areas, respecting «regime of keeping of drugs in transport». Delivery of the agreed quantities of drugs to customers, completion of documentation for invoicing, invoicing and payment collection for delivered drugs closes this process. Transport of the ordered products is made through delivery to the customer. Medimpex d.o.o. Sarajevo has an available vehicle of volume of 2m³ to 30m³, cooling-plant type, with 20 light delivery vehicles.

In Medimpex d.o.o. Sarajevo, information technology solutions cover a great deal of business. We can proudly say that dynamics of our business system development is totally in line with development of business trends in the world.
This is a business information system for leading of small and medium enterprises. It was built in modules so that every module can be used as an independent application; we have wholesale, retail, consignation, production, finance, services, etc.
Every database (e.g. wholesale) has a register file for every individual year, so that all data can be checked for every year, printed, etc.
The database contains all possible evidences of input, output, options of filtration, displaying of customers’ turnover, address books, and all reviews of reports etc.
Finance automatically draws the bases by bookkeeping patterns from wholesale, services, production, etc.