The ultimate goal of marketing is satisfaction of the customers’ and society’s needs.
The Marketing Service renders services of research of the market (financial and market assessments), registration and promotion of products, in order to satisfy the needs of health-care services users.

Numerous activities of Medimpex Marketing Services Ltd. are identifiable and it is only one of the feature, which puts Medimpex Ltd. apart from others. In cooperation with our foreign and domestic partners, gain valuable experience in operations, but also the development of the organization, which gives us an advantage in the domestic market.

The Marketing Service

  • follows all promotion activities of producers,
  • take important position in certain promotion activities at scientific gatherings and meetings,
  • participates in following of products,
  • provides support in transfer of information from buyer to producer
  • stimulates the pharmacies’ employees to gather the mentioned information,
  • develops new services in distribution activities,
  • provides information through web site,
  • identifies, studies and analyses the needs, requests, wishes and purchasing power of health-care services users,
  • identifies changes in the environment,
  • follows the competition and other interested participants in the health service market,
  • estimates the market’s importance (dimensions and dynamics of changes) from the aspect of resource capacities of the organization,
  • prepares the marketing plan in order to satisfy the identified needs in rational manner and
  • analyses the available resources of the organization.