Medimpex d.o.o Sarajevo has established standard methods of Human Resources Management, as well as procedures that define educations (professional training and acquiring of new knowledge) and trainings (perfection of the acquired knowledge through daily practice) within the organization.

Medimpex d.o.o. Sarajevo pays special attention to the personnel and all employees have to go through: obligatory education program for all employees, basic education program/general education program/, specific education program /training program for specific job position of new employees /specific education of employees.

We insist on continuous education of all employees in order to enable them for as independent, creative and innovative work as possible, which will satisfy daily demands of our business partners and business in general. We deeply believe and know that human potential is one of major factors of success and progress because only properly selected, motivated and satisfied employees can contribute to a long-term prosperity of the organization.

Our employees work as a team and they have knowledge, creativity, responsibility and capability to act independently within their job description with appreciation and respect for their superiors and sub-ordinate co-workers. They all make contribution to quality of services and success of the organisation’s business.